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Why does the landscape designing one does to surround a hot tub differ so greatly from ordinary landscape planning? Perhaps it’s because you have a raised hot tub. Sure, you can just put down a layer of mulch, but it will be painfully obvious just how little you spent and how little effort you put into your so-called landscaping.

To achieve an attractive appearance, the landscaping of a hot tub area doesn’t require a complex design. You can just buy a few handsome planter boxes or flowerpots to place around the outside of the tub and fill them with lovely bushes and blossoms. Next, choose a couple of larger planters and put one on each side of the stairs. Finally, set two slender miniature trees in those pots. That will create an appealing frame for your hot tub.

The first step in designing your dream oasis is to determine the best location for your spa. Consider the view, ease of access and privacy. Locating your hot tub close to your house makes using it much easier in cold weather. Also include a pathway with lighting for night use and a surround of any sort for privacy.

Privacy can be a plus with your hot tub landscaping design. A gazebo, a wall or fence, or a hedge or stand of bamboo will add privacy. Enclosures with roofs can also provide protection from the elements such as rain or overly hot sun. When designing for privacy with plants be sure to consider how the seasons will effect your privacy and view. To avoid extra cleaning, avoid placing large plants or trees too near your spa.

Landscaping ideas for privacy are any of my personal favorites. One attractive possibility is a screened gazebo, which not only protects your privacy, but turns the hot tub into an attractive center of your backyard. A gazebo roof also means that you can use the hot tub in peace during rainy or buggy weather. On the outside of the gazebo, consider attaching a few simple window planter boxes and growing colorful flowers and other plants there. If you lack the green thumb, silk flowers are easy to maintain and will always look fresh.

It would be virtually impossible to enumerate all the possible ideas for landscaping around hot tubs. Let us concentrate here on an Asian themed hot tub that would be a wonderful addition to a yard. A walkway with plants lightly draped over it offers a combination of shade and sunshine and provides an Asian atmosphere as well. You can also rim the tub with cedar planters filled with trees and other plantings appropriate for the weather in your area. That will give your hot tub the sense of permanence one gets with in-ground tubs.

The ultimate landscaped hot tub would be an in ground hot tub next to an in ground swimming pool. A nice compliment to the beauty of the hot tub and pool would be with a little tropical jungle. Again just take any attractive flowerpots and place them in two clusters of 3 because odd numbers always look better. If you use three different sizes for each cluster this will create a terraced look. Using hibiscus flowers, a small palm bush that will not grow too large and any ivy that will naturally flow down the pots creating a tropical area.

There are so many ideas for landscaping around hot tubs that this only touches on the many possibilities. However whenever landscaping around a hot tub you must remember to still allow for the drain of the hot tub to be open. You would not need to flood all your lovely landscaping while refilling the hot tub. Remember that you can be as creative as you want. Make it your own backyard oasis.

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