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Cost Of Installing A Pool

Owning an above ground pool sounds so easy. Actually, it’s a bit complicated. It’s not as easy as if you can just put up a pool in your back yard, stick a hose in it, turn on a spigot and start swimming a few days later. Pools are more than an oversized water bowl.

Installing an above ground pool is a simple process, but that does not make it easy. Generally, it will take several hours or even several days to set up an above ground pool. The most important thing to keep in mind while installing any pool is to build a firm foundation. If the pool sits on patchy ground, then it can collapse and cause problems for a long time.


Take the permit from the municipalities to fencing and positioning of swimming pools.

Each area is different, so check with your building and zoning office. Only after having permission start to install your pool because it can be costly if you are not permitted swimming pool installation.

Check the underground utilities and septic tanks.

If you have any underground utilities, call the utility company and have it mark where they are. Don’t install your pool over your septic tank if you have one.

Check the weather report and make sure you have a few dry days coming to install your pool.

It can get pretty messy while digging up the sod and leveling the ground if it’s raining.

Installation Steps:

1. Choose a spot to install the pool.
2. Level the ground, remove rocks, twigs, roots and any other objects from the pool area.
3. Dig the ground away from the higher part of the yard until it matches the height of the lowest spot.
4. Install patio stones or blocks to support the pool frame.
5. Place a 2-inch layer of sand across the pool area, rake level and tamp down firmly.
6. Install the pool walls, unrolled into the track and screwed together at the seam.
7. Place the beveled cove around the bottom edge of the wall to protect the liner from this sharp edge.
8. Unroll the pool liner and allow it to soak up the sun for at least 30 minutes.
9. Install the pool liner in the middle of the frame.
10. Assemble the remaining parts of the frame to the walls.
11. Cut the holes needed for the skimmer.
12. Connect the filtering system to the pool.
13. Fill the pool with water.

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