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Do It Yourself Landscape Ideas

Just like me I am sure you have noticed the yards in front of different houses you drive by. Maybe you see them all morning on your commute to work, or perhaps you live across from someone and an immaculate yard.

If you are like me then this should motivate you to spruce up your own yard. There are different looks and styles of landscape design out there today. I would often discuss a couple of them.

When we think of places like Arizona or the desert we think of brown sand and rocks. Some people have taken this idea and plunked it down in their yard. Personally I think it is a great effect! Picture this; you walk into the backyard of a house belonging to a friend, or relative.

As you walk around the corner of their house you hear water splashing down. Once you are in the backyard you notice they have a waterfall pouring out from behind a rock formation. Not only is it a pleasant sound, but the appearance of a rock bed may be unusual, which makes it a great idea! Boulders or smaller stones can be put together in a way that is pleasing to the eye, once you have those embedded into the ground you can accentuate the look by adding a waterfall, or perhaps any flowers that would naturally exist with rocks.

You might be thinking that a waterfall in your backyard is difficult; and perhaps you are right, but once you enlist the help of a professional landscaper I am sure you will be extremely pleased with the outcome!

As we ponder the thought of a rock bed in the backyard you might wonder what types of flowers you would coordinate with. The beauty of landscape design is the amount of options that are available to you! Sure, we have all seen the flower beds that are full of dainty little color coordinated flowers just shining their faces up to the sun. Pretty? Yes. Easy? Yes. Common? Yes.

When I think of a gorgeous landscape I think of large flowers or colorful plants, I think of foliage that you would not normally see in a suburban yard. I am not talking about exotic flowers that need 24 hour care, but I am thinking a few steps above the normal daisies and tulips that you find in most places. I visualize color, texture and size!

I am enthusiastic about my yard, and I need you to be too! When you find yourself mapping out a landscape design for your yard be creative! Be different! And picture the day when you accompany any friends to your back yard and they ooh and ahh at the scene you have created. Enjoy!

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