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Free Landscape Design Software Online

Why get landscaping software? The main reason is, this software helps you plan and make amazing gardens and landscapes and see how they will look like at different angles. You can incorporate your favorite plants and ornaments and you can see beforehand if they match your landscape design. Of course, creating fantastic landscapes should not be so expensive; thats why there is free landscaping software for you.

Neophyte landscapers, who dont have much money to spend for the planning of his dream garden, will surely benefit a lot from this freeware. However, just like anything else in this world, the free landscape software also has its advantages and disadvantages.


It is free. This is, of course, the most important benefit you get from this computer software. It is copyrighted, but is given to selected users with no charge.

It is functional. This freeware offers landscaping designs to help you make and visualize a particular landscape. Through computer graphics, you can make a 3d image of the yard or garden you need for your home and see how it will look like. This software also allows you to place plants, rocks, trees or statues in your design. You can even move or transfer the things you put into the landscape design until you are completely satisfied with the plan youve made.

It allows you to visualize your landscape design. The software has features that allow you to view the landscape design youve made from various angles including overhead. There are also any freeware with aging feature, which demonstrates the changes that will happen to your landscape design in years to come. Hence, you will anticipate potential problems in the design and you can alter or just eliminate the stuff that may give you headaches in the future.

It lets you print out the details of your plan. After youve made the landscape design youre dreaming of, you are free to it print out so you can give it to contractors for bidding. Whats more enticing is that this freeware can even provide you with a material list including the number and the name of plants and trees needed in the design.

It is easy to download. This is one of the coolest things about the free landscaping software offered online. Downloading it is a breeze; it will not require you to register and submit your personal information to a certain site. And when you found out that it the freeware is not exactly the one you need, you can easily delete it and look for other software from other sites.


It is usually a demo version. Most of the free landscaping software doesnt let you alter the style of the garden particularly the flower bed design. For you to have the absolute freedom to do whatever you need with the design, you have to pay for the full version upgrade. With the demo-version freeware, you can only change colors, sizes and the location of the plants and trees to see if the combination is perfect.

You get what you pay for. Since it is free, the company will not give you any help and technical support. You cannot expect the cool major features to be there too.

Free landscaping software usually comes with various types of deals and marketing strategies. There are companies that offer freeware online to promote and sell their products, particularly those that are needed in landscaping. You can this find software from various websites, along with pieces of information about gardening and landscaping.

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