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How To Repair A Flat Roof

All roofs exposed to the harsh climatic conditions are subjected to aging therefore maintenance is required to make them strong and last.

Ignoring these small activities that can be done will result in shorter life span. It is good to establish a regular roof maintenance inspection as this won’t only help to protect the owner’s property but also lead to a long term investment plan on maintenance and capital requirements for buildings.

Things that you can view on a flat roof are:

Roof ponding:- with this, the roof is subjected to constant surface saturations. It increases the rate of deterioration of the roof system thereby providing a serious supply of water which in the long run damages the interior parts when it leaks. It results to structural settlement and sometimes roof failure. When this occurs, people will always prefer going for the installing tampered insulation to correct the situation this is the only option here as it is impossible to add drainage to the existing structure.

Roof splitting:-the roof membrane will start having some long cracks. These cracks are parallel to felts and insulation joints and splitting the membrane is usually spongy. What causes these is said to be cracking substrate or bad workmanship, freeze thaw, physical stress, and ponding.

Roof blistering:- this occurs mostly in build up roofs. It takes place between the layers of felts or between felt and substrate. It is a raised swelling and when you press it is spongy. When air is trapped inside it causes some form of movement when temperature rises and in most cases leads to separation of felts.

Roof ridging:- it happens in bituminous roofing above joints of insulation. When the moisture condenses at the underside of the felts it results to their formation. They are narrow and long, caused by inadequate attachment of the single ply membrane.

Roof fish mouthing:- when the laps at the edge of a bituminous roof are lifted as a result of inadequate heat welding it results to roof fish mouthing.

Puncture:- occurs as a result of blisters breaking or when screws and nails are raised. It allows lots of water to pass through.

Loose fasteners:- occur in fastened system and where they have blocked. What causes this is saturation, or insufficient thickness of the fasteners.

Roof felt movement:- excessive heat, or usage of wrong bitumen is among the major causes of this. It is either one ply after another or all plies at once.

Planning for a roof maintaining is important for a serious property manager, and the records should be well kept. It is required that inspection to be done at least after every two months. Check for all the above appearances on your roofing. Take everything that you observe seriously however small it might be repair it as soon as possible to avoid further damages and to save your money.

If proper maintenance is done then flat roofs will last for a very long time. Dont take that flat roof is more labour intensive no; all roofs need to be maintained.

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