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Landscaping Ideas For Backyard On A Budget

Many homeowners look for help with a pool landscaping project. It can be anything from a full backyard makeover to adding some new plants. Doing it yourself, or getting help can improve your backyard and the value of your home. This process need not be quick, some yards take months or longer for them to mature and look great.

You will want to have a budget in mind. Landscaping costs can soar without realizing it. You can do the work yourself or search out a professional landscaper. Many times, business fliers and cards are left on homeowners front doors advertising. Some model homes also list who did the design, and work to make them look so good.

If you do hire someone, make sure they are licensed and bonded. Also ask for references. If they have a website, take a look at previous jobs they have done. This is important as there are many unfortunate stories of homeowners giving money for a project for the contractor never to return.

When starting a new landscaping project around your pool, you might have something in mind or you could need ideas. There are magazines and books dedicated to this type of project for ideas. Many websites have pictures of finished jobs to get ideas. Homes in the southwest sometimes opt for desert landscaping around their pool. This can consist of gravel style rock and cactus. They might add big boulders or water features.

The most popular landscape request is for a tropical feel. The zone you live in can determine the type of plants that will survive in your area. Many different types of plants lend a tropical feel. If you have freeze problems in your area, carefully choose plants that can be saved, or are tolerant.

Birds of paradise are easy to find at your local nursery and make a great feature. If you are planting trees, make sure they do not have roots that spread. This can destroy a pool. Some plants and trees shed leaves and other debris that can make keeping your pool clean very difficult. You can even inquire about certain plants that resist bugs, to help make it more pleasant.

There is computer software available to allow you to design your own landscaping for your pool area. It can help you determine the best type of design work with your pool. You can narrow down your choices with this program. Some designers can bring a laptop with them, and have this type of software themselves. They can create a 2d or 3d rendering of your new yard so you can get an idea of the work.

For those limited on funds, they might choose to go with simple shrubbery to fill in areas. They can then add additional plants in the future. Queen palms are relatively inexpensive and add a tropical feel without spending a lot of money. They are easy to maintain as well. You will want to make sure you choose the best style that reflects your personal style and comfort. Your backyard should be your sanctuary.

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