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Roofing Companies In Houston Tx

Choosing from the many Houston roofing companies operating in your area can be a chore, especially if you’re in a rush to get your roof repaired or replaced. However, you should just choose the first roofers that you spot on online classifieds or in the phone book. After all, contractor scams are neither uncommon nor unheard of. To choose the right roofers from the various Houston roofing companies available, here’s a quick checklist that you can follow.

1. Ask to see their license. You may be surprised but a lot of homeowners forget to check a contractor’s license before hiring one of the many Houston roofing companies in their area. This is because they’re usually given a low price quote that they feel they can’t refuse. Remember that even though it sounds like you’re getting a good deal, with an unlicensed roofer, you may have to spend more in the long run.

2. Ask to see a portfolio or for a list of references. Beware of the roofer that can’t provide any solid information on the work he’s done or list at least three people that he’s worked for. Legitimate contractors from Houston roofing understand that this is to weed out the phoneys. They won’t hesitate to give you a list of references to vouch for the quality of their work.

3. Check those references. If your contractor’s portfolio seems too good to be true, or if he doesn’t have one to begin with, then call up the references that he’s listed down. Ask how they know the roofer and what work the company has done for them. Even though there are a lot of Houston roofing companies and roofing contractors out there, not all of them will be completely honest with you.

4. Ask about building requirements, restrictions and permits. Houston roofing companies know that paperwork is a part of the job. Before a roof can be repaired or replaced there are a number of national, regional and local building codes that have to be factored in, as well as the climate restrictions in the area. If one of the Houston roofing companies that you’re considering says that you don’t need any permits, you will want to cross them off your list.

5. Ask about their insurance policies. When choosing from a number of Houston roofing companies working in your area, it’s always wise to ask if both you and the workers will be properly taken care of in case of an accident. Some companies don’t operate with liability insurance, which is very hazardous especially if you’re planning a big job like a full roof replacement. You don’t want to be held liable in case anything bad happens while the workers are on the job.

6. Talk about their payment method. Once you’re down to the top three or top five Houston roofing companies on your list and they’ve already assessed your home and given a price quote, ask about their payment procedure. Some Houston roofing companies may require you to give the bulk of the payment upfront, or ask you to pay in full ahead of time since they’ve given a low bid. Eliminate these candidates from your list, as they may just be looking for a quick buck. Licensed Houston roofing companies offer a payment schedule for the work to be done. They also don’t give out reasons like “it’s to pay for the materials” or “one of the other clients isn’t paying on time”. That’s just unprofessional.

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