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Yard Ideas On A Budget

Finding great home decorating ideas on a budget can be difficult if you think that your vision may be bigger than your wallet. What you may not know is that there are many little things that you can incorporate into your design scheme that can give your home the look of luxury and elegance without breaking the bank. Here are some really cool ideas for items that you can add to your d├ęcor with relative ease without incurring a whole lot of expense. Any one of these ideas can be used on its own to add elegance and charm to your home.

1. Game Tables: A game table set with an elegant or artistic chess set can give your living room a look of welcome and luxury. Many chess sets make great display pieces and can generally be bought for a lot less than you might think. Be on the lookout for a great set at yard sales and the like to save even more.

2. Stained Glass: There is nothing in the world quite like the light coming through a beautiful stained glass window. A panel of stained glass can be a really cool conversation piece as well as a stunning work of art. You can find stained glass designs fairly inexpensively, or if you are particularly creative, you could even make your own.

3. Garden Statues: From a great sculpture to fountains and sundials, adding something to the outside of your home can create a sense of beauty and elegance for all who come by. Sundials are particularly good because they are fairly easy to find and can come in a number of really cool designs. This is another item that someone who really enjoys crafts could create on their own, or you could find one online that really just strikes your fancy.

4. Faux Windows: This is a design idea that is not seen very often, but it’s just so cool when you do see it. A window mirror can create the illusion of a window, light, and space, even when there is not a window to be had in the room. Faux windows are available with a number of scenes depicted as well, including coastal scenes, forest scenes, spring scenes, or scenes from faraway places. When you have a room without a window these are a great way to add color and depth to a room, and better yet, they are fairly inexpensive to purchase.

5. Sculptures and Busts: A great sculpture or bust set on a table or pedestal may be all you need to create a focal point in your room. A sculpture is one of those luxury items that can speak volumes for very little investment. If there is something that you find particularly fascinating, like Egyptian culture, this is a great way to put that interest on display without overpowering a room.

6. Fireplace Screens: Decorative fireplace screens can be very cool items that give your room an artistic and homey touch. Screens can be found with any number of scenes painted on them, or even just with beautiful metal scrollwork.

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