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3 Foot Chain Link Fence

The fence bordering your property serves many valuable functions. It provides a privacy screen to protect your home and family; it also deters would-be thieves and burglars from setting foot in your yard. Pets and children are protected from the dangers lurking only a few feet away. You can feel a lot better knowing that your children have a safe place to play when they’re inside a yard bordered by a secure chain link fence. And finally, a yard with a well-built fence is worth considerably more. If you’re thinking about selling your home, it will appraise for a greater price due to the presence of the fence.

Maintaining Your Fence and Gates

Chain link fences are widely seen features on residential and commercial properties. They are inexpensive and easy to install; only a few specialized tools are necessary to successfully install a new chain link fence. Because your chain link fence provides so much safety, security, and value to your property, you need to take steps to ensure that it is well-maintained. There are a number of widely seen problems that could develop. One of the most widely seen problems affecting chain link fences is sagging. This occurs when a weight has been pressed against a portion of the fence, causing it to bow outward; if this weight remains in place for a long period of time, then the metal links eventually bend out of shape and will not return to their original position. This problem is especially widely seen in fences where the poles have been placed too far apart; the weight of the fence itself can sometimes contribute to this bowing.

Fixing a bowed portion of chain link fence requires replacing the damaged portion. Take a careful measurement of the distance between two poles (or more poles, if the sagging portion is especially long). Do not measure the fence itself; you’ll get an incorrect measurement due to the damage. Take this measurement to any local home improvement center, fencing supply store, or building supply company. Chain link fence is mostly sold by the foot; the outlet you purchase it from will cut a portion to your specifications and help you ready it for transport.

Installing a New Portion of Chain Link Fence

Use wire cutters to remove the damaged length of fence; discard this portion. Aluminum wire ties will allow you to secure the new portion to the edges of the cuts you have just made; plan a few inches of overlap on each side, just to be safe. Wire ties might be purchased at the same place you bought your replacement chain link. To make repairs easier for people inexperienced with fence repair, many stores sell chain link fence repair kits that come with all the supplies you’ll need.

Once the new portion has been secured with wire ties, double check the tension wire at the top of the fence; this should be taught and secure. Check also that the steel posts are securely placed in the ground. The weight that distorted the chain link may have also damaged these other parts of the fence; if the posts, post tops, or tension wire have been damaged, your repaired fence may not stay secure for long.

Long-Term Security

A chain link fence that’s property installed and promptly repaired will last for decades. While it’s possible to perform many widely seen repairs on your own in just a few hours, more extensive work should be done by a professional. That way you might be certain that your fence is guaranteed to perform its job.

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