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Can Windshield Replacement Be a Life or Death Decision?

windshield being replaced on a green carMost of us would agree that our lives are pretty dumb on them and yet when faced with what looks like a pretty innocuous decision, we can sometimes make shortsighted choices that can be quite dangerous. Take the case of an everyday windshield replacement. Most car owners with a damaged windshield will set off in search of the lowest cost option.

However, most people do not stop to think that a poorly installed windshield is less secure, making it far more likely to pop out in the case of an accident. And that can be tragic, especially since windshields that are durable and well in place have been strategic in keeping roofs from caving in as cars skitter out of control.

The explosion of mobile windshield replacement and repair has meant that just about anyone able to hang out a shingle has become a supposed expert in the field. But when you go to evaluate potential service technicians, ask the tough questions about their install experience as well as the quality of the materials that they buy for use in the job.

Remember that your windshield is designed specifically to keep things out of your vehicle, not to mention keep you inside of your vehicle. The implications are so important that you might want to actually observe a windshield replacement in process at the shop you are considering. This might help you decide if the technicians are careful and thorough with what they do. It might also be a good opportunity for you to observe the brands of materials they use and do a little bit of research about the quality you can expect.

A recent investigation by 2020, documentary news program that airs on ABC, demonstrated that many so-called technicians cut corners when performing the install. Their exposé showed workers replacing windshields without wearing the gloves necessary to prevent grease from their hands from touching the adhesive designed to hold the windshield in place for the long haul.

The program also noted that inexperienced installers, or even those just looking to save expense, will forgo incredibly valuable agents like primer which is crucial to the bonding that makes the best possible seal.

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