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Do It Yourself Fire Pits

Patio Fire Pits are a good addition to outdoor living in the back yard. Family time together, maybe cooking a meal or roasting a marshmallow may be outstanding simple ways to enjoy family time together. One thing needs to be added for a patio fire pit to work, a pile of wood to burn. How to get fuel for a patio fire pit to burn without breaking the bank, here are some ideas that have worked in the past.
Buy some wood. How simple is that?
1A local convenience store. Most of the local convenience stores have small bundles that may be purchased. This will cost a few dollars but it might just be the easiest way to get the wood for a patio fire pit. If you’re there anyway, it is a done deal.
2The grocery store. They too have small bundles for sale. Pick up a dozen hot dogs, a package of buns, a two liter of soda, and a bag of chips and you have a summer evening dinner out in the back yard sitting around the patio fire pit. The wood is usually in the front of the store or even outside on a pallet or in a rack. More about pallets later.
3Your local fire wood dealer. If you buy wood for a fireplace, fireplace insert or wood burning stove, stop buy and get a little more for patio fire pit use. At the end of the fireplace wood burning season just might be a good time to check with your firewood dealer for a bargain on some wood not sold.
When the hints above all cost a little cash there may be other ways to enjoy the patio fie pit without spending anything except time.
4 Owning a patio fire pit means you might get a gift from the giant, or not so giant, stores out back, wooden pallets. Almost everyone has seen a pile of wooden pallets out behind or beside a store at some time. Now it is not a good idea to help yourself without asking about them first. Some stores pay a deposit or fee on the pallets. Several places don’t and are looking for a way to rid themselves of the pallets. Take one home cut it up and have an instant fire in the patio fire pit.
5A construction site will always have a trash pile which is wood for a patio fire pit. Pieces of cut off’s from 2×4’s, sheeting in small bits, ends of glue lams beams, my favorites, and other bits and pieces of wood. Ask permission and have at it. What you hall off they don’t have to pay someone to take to the dump. Maybe the contractor should put up a sign, free patio fire pit wood!
6Here in Oklahoma we are a target for Mother Nature. Between ice storms and tornadoes there seems to be an endless supply of blown down trees. When these are green wood and need to be dried out, free is free. Now getting this type of wood takes labor and an old pick-up truck, get the kids to help and bring home a load and stack in the backyard for later on patio fire pit evenings.
Here are six different ways to for a little expense or free to enjoy family time together. A patio fire pit may be an addition to your outdoor entertainment and increase quality time during the spring, summer and fall for all in your family and friends.

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