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How Do You Shingle A Roof

If you have torn down the old roof and you have decided on a new shingle roof installation, by following the steps in this quick guide to shingle roof installation you will manage to do it in approximately 3 hours.

The first thing you need to do is make sure the roof is free of debris and that all loose boards are fastened, to prevent problems later on. The drip edge, also named drip iron must be installed first, so attach it with galvanized 1-1/4″ nails that are not affected by corrosion. At each corner lay the drip edge parts on top of the others and nail them down. Due to the fact they are made of aluminum, they will be easy to be bent together.

After the drip edge is mounted, it’s time for the next step of the shingle roof installation: the ice and water shield. Roll the sticky edge on the whole roof with care, because it will be almost impossible to peel and then remove the paper on the back and press it. The purpose of adding the ice and water shield in the shingle roof installation is to prevent leaking when the snow damns on the roof melt.

If there are larger holes in the boards of you roof, you can use aluminum bands to patch them and staples to keep them into place, but if the holes are small there is no point in covering them, as they will not affect the shingle roof installation.

The next step is to cover the roof with tarpaper. The best way to secure it is by using staples. In shingle roof installation the quickest tool for the job is a hammer tacker, but using an electric stapler will also get the job done.

Use a piece of felt over the plumbing vent flash, which will be later replaced by shingles. When you get to the chimney of your shingle roof installation job, use a piece of felt to cover the edges around it, preventing water leaking around it.

The air in the attic usually reaches very high temperatures, so what you will need to do in order to let it out is cut a strip of sheathing from all sides of the peak, using a circular saw. Create a hole in the ridge vent only a little smaller than it’s length.

After you have finished covering both sides with felt, you can let down the top row over the peak, covering the hole, which will be cut later on. The layer of felt we have installed is temporary before installing the shingle roof installation.

In order to start installing the shingles, first place the starting shingle. This is meant to stop water from getting through the shingles and cover gaps. It is best to use pre-cut shingles, due to their efficiency and low-costs. To start the shingle roof installation, begin at the left low corner, continuing to the right and higher. You can use adjustable nailing guns in order to make sure the shingles are placed correctly before permanently nailing them.

Always remember the dangers of untrained shingle roof installation and execute this task with utmost care. There is always the risk of things falling of the roof and injuring people so before you start working make sure that you post sign warning of the hazards. Do not over estimate your strength in carrying the heavy shingles or you may fall of the ladder or rip a muscle.

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