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How Much Does Chain Link Fence Cost

5 Tips on How to Conceal a Chain Link Fence

Choosing the right type of fence can be difficult. There are so many choices, from pretty white vinyl privacy fences to sturdy wood post and rail fences. A common choice is the chain link fence because it is not only low in cost, but it is also functional, durable, and strong. Unfortunately, many homeowners looking for a fence think that chain link fences are not very pleasing to the eye, and only buy them because they are inexpensive. For those of you who do not like the look of chain link fence, here are five tips on how to make it appear nicer.

1. Paint it
Chain link is usually a silver color, since it is made of steel. A shiny silver fence will attract everyones eye, so paint it a color that makes it blend in a little better. For example, you could paint your fence dark green, black, or brown so it does not stand out so much. However, you should make sure the fence is not vinyl-coated before buying your paint: vinyl-coated fences should be painted by qualified professionals. But any other chain link that is not vinyl-coated will be fairly easy to paint.

2. Plant bushes
Bushes, tall plants, or trees can help to hide a chain link fence from view. Even if you plant them while they are still small, within years these plants will grow to be tall enough to make a wall around the fence. This completely conceals the fence, so nobody can see it from whichever side you put the plants (Or both sides if you plant on both sides of the fence!).

3. Plant perennial vines
Long vines that grow over the whole fence will help to hide the chain link. Instead of a not-so-pretty fence, it will look like a beautiful cascade of green vines, with bright splashes of color if you buy flowering vines. If you decide to cover the fence with vines, make sure you pick several types of vines that will bloom at different times of the year (This ensures that the fence will stay covered all year.). Always make sure you have at least one evergreen vine that keeps growing during the winter so the fence is not bare once it gets cold and so you cannot see the brown, dead vines from last summer. Some pretty vines to consider are Virginia Creeper (blooms May to late October), honeysuckle (blooms from late spring to late summer), English ivy (blooms during the winter), and Clematis (blooms throughout the summer).

4. Install fence slats
Slats are thin strips of aluminum or other metal that is inserted between the diamonds in the chain link fence wire. This gives you more privacy, as well as make your fence look better. You can put the slats in vertically, horizontally, or diagonally and can even make patterns with different colored slats. If you want to give the fence a more uniform appearance, you could paint the rest of the fence the same color as the slats.

5. Use rolled wood fence
Rolled wood fencing is made of pieces of wood held together with wire and can be attached to a chain link fence. Rolled wood fence essentially hides your chain link fence while making it look like it is made of wood instead of steel. This can be more expensive than the other tips listed above, but many people like the look of rolled wood fencing instead of planting lots of bushes or vines, painting the entire fence, or putting in fence slats.

Each of the above tips can help to make your chain link fence look nicer by giving it a new look other than plain steel. Some tips, like planting bushes and vines, will completely hide the fence so you do not have to even look at it if you do not like it.

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