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Invisible Fences For Small Dogs

There are some people who are not sure if a dog fence, which uses an electric collar, is humane. An invisible fence gives off an electric shock, however this is not a true description and so projects a false image. Then there are the people who think that any form of negative correction for a dog is wrong and will campaign against an electric dog fence thinking they are doing a good service for dogs.

When you study how a wireless or underground dog fence works, you’ll understand how humane they are. The shock delivered by an invisible fence is very mild and does not harm your pet, it is like a static shock not an electric shock. The idea is to replicate how a mom dog will chastise her puppy. Should her puppy mess around and annoy the mother, the mom will chastise the puppy by nibbling it around the neck. The puppy soon gets the message and corrects its behavior. And so you’ll find the electric dog fence works in a similar fashion, as soon as the dog tries to go where it shouldn’t, it receives a static shock. No harm comes to the pet, and it works well at keeping it within the boundary.

Does your dog find it fun to climb over the fence or dig holes under it and escape, because this is a big problem for many dog owners. What compounds this problem is that many dogs just do not take to conventional training to stop it from doing this bad behavior. The only conventional solution to this issue then boils down to either tether your dog or never let him out. Now that is what I call being inhumane.

Because a dog fence cost quite a bit of money, dog owners put a lot of thought into it before buying one. Only when a dog owner runs out alternative things to try, do they then turn to a dog fence. They want their pet to be able to frolic around outside, and if it is a guard dog then it is not that much of a deterrent if it is locked up inside. There are many risks to your dog if it does escape from the security of your backyard, if it finds itself on a road, it runs the risk of being injured. If it starts to chase farm animals then there most definitely may be some very serious consequences. If a farmer catches a dog chasing his animals, then he has every right to shoot it dead. So when you think about these problems, it makes the electric dog fence a very humane option.

If you are looking for a dog fence you’ll be pleased to know that the modern dog fences are very simple to install. You can have as many dogs as you want being contained by them, and they are unobtrusive.

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