Signs That It Is Time to Repair an AC Unit

bad performance ACAn AC unit is something that most homeowners don’t give a lot of thought to. They turn it on during the warm days and expect it to work. It may wheeze and drip every now and then, but as long as it isn’t causing serious problems, they don’t think about it too much.

However, not paying attention to an AC unit can result in major problems occurring and costly repairs being needed when they are least convenient. To avoid that kind of issue from occurring, homeowners should be looking at the following signs that their AC unit is in need of repair.

Decreased Performance- If the AC unit is not functioning like it should and isn’t making the air as cool as it once did, then it may be time to call in the AC repair Greenville, SC experts. This is something the homeowner may notice if they have to keep lowering the temperature setting to get the same level of cooling as they used to. The problem may not be with rising temperatures outside the house but with a system that is in need of repair.

Odd Sounds- An AC unit that is making weird noises is cause for concern. It could mean that something is caught in the unit or that there is a loose component. It could also mean that the unit is filled with dust and other debris and simply needs to be cleaned out. The thing is, the consumer won’t know what the problem is and how extensive the repairs will be until they call in someone like ac repair greenville sc to assess the situation. Just ignoring he problem won’t make it go away, and it needs to be addressed quickly to avoid costlier repair bills.

Heavy Dripping- One sign of an AC in need of repair that many people will ignore is heavy dripping. It’s expected that an AC unit will create condensation and drip when it is turned on, but if it drips more than its usual amount, the that could be sign of a leak, a system that is being overworked or one that needs to be cleaned.

These are common signs that AC unit show when they are in need of repairs, and they should not be ignored. The longer it takes to effect the repairs, the worse and more expensive the problem could become.

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